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Federal & State Licenses

Federal & State Licenses

The United States is the most complicated country in the world in terms of legal and regulatory requirements related with the alcohol business. There are 50 states, plus the Federal Government, each of them has its own set of laws, regulations, licensing requirements, rules and procedures. Navigating through this complex regulatory environment is not easy and failure to follow procedures can drastically slow down sales and put at risk the entire business. Our team at Tequila Country includes U.S. licensed attorneys and industry experts that can help our clients avoid costly mistakes and ensure governmental processes are navigated swiftly and effectively.

The law states that someone who wishes to import and sell alcohol in the United States  must have:


  • Federal Certificates of Label Approval (COLA)
  • State licenses and monthly tax reports
  • State registration for each brand
  • Appointment of state wholesalers
  • Permit for direct imports by state wholesalers
  • TTB sample exemptions
  • State wholesaler franchise
  • Commercial name applications for integrated marketing strategies


Meeting regulations is hard, but not impossible.

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